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“Dark rangers are elven rangers with a different focus. The dark ranger is a cunning hero, adept at manipulating opponents. Forcibly raised from the dead, the former Quel’Thalas enjoy nothing more than sowing dissension and hatred within the enemy ranks.”


I tried to keep these fairly simple and “introverted” by picking less flashy bows and smaller shoulders. Personally, I’d use Blackened Spear for the melee weapon since the green agility glow kinda wrecks it. All use the wrath pvp helms and most items have duplicate skins, so these should be fairly easy to obtain.


Note that the NPC’s wear almost exlusively leather and sometimes wield daggers. I don’t RP but if you do, you could probably get closer without the confines of armor type. For comparison, these are some Dark Ranger NPC’s ingame:

If the ones I made are still a bit flashy for your blood elf hunter, other people have taken a few stabs at it as well.

WoWInsider (mail)
WoWInsider (leather) 
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Hunters Rhok

these are amazing <3