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Hey everyone, just wanted to make a post to clarify a few things.

The following information is about several contests on our blog, how to enter them, and additional links that may be useful.

Transmog of the Month

Transmog of the Month (TOTM) is a contest held at the end of every month. The mogs that are put up to vote are based on the amount of notes a transmog (not a mogit) has.  You do not submit a transmog to be put up to vote.

All mogs that were submitted since the last TOTM was started are in the running for the next TOTM and so on.

We select 3-4, depending on the amount of high noted posts.

To view past TOTMs, click here.

Who Wore It Better

Who Wore It Better (WWIB) is a contest that involves several submissions that had the same or similar pieces in a set. 

We have WWIBs as often as we can depending on what submissions we have that have a piece that a different submission has.

If you would like to submit a transmog for WWIB, based on if we have something that has a similar piece - ie shoulders, weapon, helm etc-, in your submission just let us know that.

To view past WWIBs, click here.

Mogit of the Month

New to Wowfashionpolice, Mogit of the Month (MOTM) is a contest that involves sets made on the addon Mogit. 

We ask our followers and others to make the best transmog they can on mogit and then submit them with the items used.

Every month it will be a different contest. -ie plate, mail, priest, hunter etc-

If you are interested in entering a transmog made on mogit for MOTM,please read this post to see how to.

To download Mogit, click here.

To view current entries for MOTM, click here.

We hope this clarifies a few things for you about the contests we have on Wowfashionpolice. If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to message us and we will help you as much as we can.

Thank you :3

-Az & Scruff of WFP