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Made for users to share their mogs & find suggestions & advice for their look.

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Directory Current Requests Important: Please Read About Wfp & Owners

Attention Moggers!

We received a request via email:

Hello, I was wondering if you could put this out there to the people who read your blog. I’d like to see some transmogs matching mounts. If hunters can match to their pets, why can’t the rest of us match to mounts? I’d specifically like to see Anzu/Raven Lord. :)


Thanks for sending in a request! Would anyone like to take on this request? Please just submit your concept so we can help out a fellow mogger! 

**leather sets please!!**


Requested Transmog List

In this post, i’ll update with request that we have if you’d like to help out your fellow moggers :3

!info on mogit requests & dificulty!

  • Leather or Mail Steam Punk Transmog
  • Female worgen warlock|demonic looking|with helm
  • Rogue Set for Treads of Aspiring Heights|Level Requirement 80 and under
  • Rogue Set centered around Undercity Tabard|medium difficulty|leatherworker|weapon and cape
  • darnassus guard transmog|hunter or plate

last updated July 3